At CUTR, Stephen Wachtler and Todd Parsons work as the program management team.

Stephen Wachtler has over 30 years of maintenance and maintenance management experience, concentrating on maintenance training and training development, quality assurance and process improvement, statistical analysis, performance measurement and reporting, and maintenance planning.  Stephen served 20 years in the United States Army before retiring as an Engineer Equipment Maintenance Warrant Officer.  Along with his military experience, Mr. Wachtler held numerous positions within the Federal Government including Quality Assurance Evaluator, Logistical Management Specialist, and Maintenance Operations Manager.   Stephen also worked as a General Manager in the trucking industry before moving to Florida and becoming a Vehicle Maintenance Manager at a local Transit Agency.  Mr. Wachtler has an associate degree from Chaminade University, and a bachelor’s degree in business management from Wilmington University.

Todd Parsons is the Learning & Development Facilitator with TMAARC and is a Master Training Specialist experienced in all areas of transit maintenance. Instructional abilities include hands-on trouble shooting, teardowns, and testing in addition to formal classroom/hands-on training. Mr. Parson’s specialties include preparation and review of curriculum, training methodologies, editing, and classroom presentation. He received accreditation from the American Council on Education and is an OSHA 29CFR1910 certified Instructor.

The Consortium includes representatives from public transportation agencies’ maintenance departments around Florida. This group meets quarterly on a formal basis and at other times as needed. They elect a Committee Chair, currently Henry Lukasik (Director of Maintenance at PSTA), who is charged with the job of coordinating Committee activities. All major decisions concerning program structure, format, content, and policy are put before the Committee for approval. Members of the Committee communicate their needs and opinions, and provide the program feedback from the most important source - the maintenance departments and technicians themselves. CUTR and FDOT also support and participate in the activities of the Consortium.