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FY18 Comprehensive Review Guide

This FY 2018 Comprehensive Review Guide combines the Triennial Review and the State Management Review processes into a single

Conducting Pre-Award and Post-Delivery Audits for Rolling Stock Procurements

The information contained in this Handbook is based on the 49 CFR part 663 Pre-Award and Post-Delivery

Buy America Final 2016

This final policy consists of the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) policy statement regarding its implementation of the

Bus Testing

On August 1, 2016, FTA announced a final rule for bus testing for improving the process of ensuring the

Proposed Award Management Requirements 2016

This circular is a re-issuance of guidance (previously “Grant Management Requirements”) for post-award administration and management activities

FTA C 4710.1 – American With Disabilities Act (ADA): GUIDANCE

This circular provides guidance to recipients and subrecipients of Federal Transit Administration (FTA) financial assistance necessary to

FTA Triennial Review Workshop Workbook FY2015

This workbook provides guidance related to Triennial Reviews.

Grant Management Requirements 2012

This circular is a re-issuance of guidance for post-award grant administration and project management activities for all