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Preventative Maintenance Guide (September 2021)

The Florida Department of Transportation requires agencies who purchase vehicles with state and/or federal funds to maintain

Triennial Maintenance Review

This video presents a sample vehicle safety inspection performed during a transit agency’s Triennial Maintenance Review. The

Pre-trip Video

This video presents guidelines that transit agencies can use when developing their own pre-trip/post-trip inspection procedures.  These

Guidance on system failures – Major Mechanical or Other Mechanical?

Contains data on mechanical system failures for revenue vehicles. Categorized by other mechanical failures or major mechanical

Palm Tran Urea Bid/Contract

Diesel Exhaust Fluid – Def (Urea), Pre-Filled Dispensing Containers and Dispensing Equipment, Term Contract Offer Award Amendment

Fleet Study of Brake Performance and Tire Pressure Sensors

The primary objective of this project was to explore the overall effectiveness and customer acceptance of commercial

Reinventing Transit

American Communities finding smarter, cleaner, faster transportation solutions. Download Report

The Estimated Costs to Households From the Cap-and-Trade Provisions of H.R. 2454

The attached report summarizes the results of that analysis, indicating both the net overall cost per household