Transit Bus Foundation Brake Lining Classification

This Recommended Practice for Transit Bus Foundation Brake Lining Classification reflects the consensus of the APTA Bus Standards Program members on the items, methods, and procedures that have provided the best performance record based on the experiences of those present and participating in meetings of the Program Task Forces and Working Groups. Recommended practices are voluntary, industry-developed, and consensus-based practices that assist equipment suppliers, vehicle and component manufacturers, and maintenance personnel in the construction, assembly, operation, and maintenance of transit bus vehicles. Recommended practices may include test methodologies and informational documents. Recommended practices are non-exclusive and voluntary; they are intended to neither endorse nor discourage the use of any product or procedure. All areas and items included therein are subject to manufacturers’ supplemental or superceding recommendations. APTA recognizes that for certain applications, the practices, as implemented by operating agencies, may be either more or less restrictive than those given in this document.