Key Activities and Services

Maintenance Training Classes

The TMAARC program offer numerous opportunities for agencies to receive maintenance training for their technician. Most notable is the Certified Technician Training Program (CTT). This program focuses on all major systems of the transit bus and awards certifications as Level I, Level II and Level III Transit Technician. After successful completion of this program students will be awarded and a Post-Secondary Adult Vocational (PSAV) Certificate from Hillsborough Community College. TMAARC also provides Roadeo training, OSHA 10 Hour and 30 Hour Outreach safety training, CPR & AED training, and Forklift training and certifications. The following training modules are also available, free of charge, for use by properties wishing to train their technicians; Air Brake Board, Cummins Engine Module, IO Controls, ThermoKing IntelligAire III, Hydraulic training simulator, a Vapor Door Module and Lift/Ramp modules from Lift-U, Braun Millennium, and Ricon. All training and associated travel is free of charge to any public transit agency within the state of Florida. The TMAARC training curriculum is developed based on course surveys completed by each transit agency, and input from the Florida Transit Maintenance Consortium (FTMC). CUTR has managed the program through a mix of contracted services, in-house training module development and delivery, state level scheduling, and a process to document and archive long term training trends and results. Program leaders are currently working to expand this program in an effort to make state sponsored training and testing more accessible to all properties.

State Roadeos

TMAARC provides timely logistical support for the annual Florida Triple Crown Bus Roadeo. FDOT and CUTR work closely to ensure this event, hosted by a different property each year, runs smoothly. TMAARC also provides related training and testing prior to the event.

Maintenance Forum Listserv

The listserv is a tool that provides you the ability to canvas follow maintenance professionals around the state on any maintenance issues, policies or procedures, and it creates unparalleled networking opportunities. It is a free subscription based email service that allows questions or comments to be sent to all subscribers for comment. It is open to all maintenance technicians, managers, trainers, or others interested in vehicle maintenance. Introduced in January 2000, this list is growing in size and contributions. It is used as an open forum on all issues related to maintenance, including buses and parts for sale or needed, questions on repairs, training issues, and other topics.

Statewide Equipment Inventory

CUTR maintains and periodically updates an extensive inventory of vehicles and sub-components (e.g. engine and transmission types, wheelchair lifts) from each transit property. An updated inventory aids in new training development. By monitoring new equipment acquisition, TMAARC can tailor courses to the specific needs of the transit agencies.

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Activities and Services

  • Maintenance Training Classes
  • Maintenance Forum Listserv
  • State Roadeos
  • Statewide Equipment Inventory
  • Technical Assitance
  • Regulatory Issue Review

Transit Wheelchair Lift/Ramp

Roadeo Paratransit Technicians Participants

Other Services

The success of the first ten years of TMAARC led to an expansion of its functions and services. CUTR and FDOT developed new activities which help TMAARC increase its usefulness to transit properties. Some additional services include: